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Foreplay Connect Game

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<p><strong><span style="font-size: medium;">Foreplay Connect Game</span></strong></p><p>The goal of <strong>Foreplay in a Row</strong> is to become the first player to arrange four chips in a row. <strong>Foreplay in a Row</strong> is a activity based board game. The players have 21 chips each, distinguished by color, pink for her blue for him. Each colored chip has a foreplay or sex activity printed on it. Blue chips represent activities that she would perform on him and pink chips represent activities that he would perform on her.</p><p>The players take turns dropping chips with the activity of their choice in one of the empty spaces. A player wins by placing four of their own chips consecutively in a line. The four activity chips that form four in a row must then be acted out by the losing player (on the winning player).</p>

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