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O Yeah Super-Powered Vertical Vibrating Ring-Assorted Colors

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<div><span id="descriptionContainer">Hit the spot and both Scream O Yeah, with the newest addition to the vibrating ring family the Screaming O, O Yeah! The O Yeah is a unique design with a vertical head design intended for maximum clitoral contact where some horizontal rings can not reach. The O Yeah also offers the extended vibrating contact zone for uninterrupted pleasure. This unique design is perfect for cowgirls who really want the ride of their life. The O Yeah features a removable waterproof, wireless replaceable bullet for extra fun out side of the ring.<br /><br /><strong>*Please Note: This in an individual item. Upon shipment, you will receive the quantity specified in your order. This product number does not reflect all three items pictured. Photographs containing all three variations of this product are used for the sole purpose of showing the consumer all colors available.&nbsp;You will receive one of the three assorted colors available.</strong></span></div>

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