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Vac-U-Lock Set 8" Classic Dong with Ultra Harness

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Have you been excited about trying strap-on sex but have no idea where to start? Luckily for you, the Vac-U-Lock Set 8" Classic Dong with Ultra Harness provides everything you need in a single box to begin to start to experience orgasms through strap-on sex. Including the dildo, the harness, powder lubricant, and the Vac-U-Lock plug, you'll be experiencing your strap-on pleasure as soon you open the box.<br /><br />The included harness is equipped with a simple, 3-strap design. This design allows the harness to easily slip over the hips much like a simple G-string panty. With the adjustable waistband, this harness can fit a body size of up to 53". Not only that, but this harness features a crotchless design. This allows you to simply transition between strap-on sex and intercourse without needing to remove the harness.&nbsp;<br /><br />Once you have the harness in place, you can experiment with the dildo. The included dildo has a long, straight design to easily allow you to enjoy your pleasure. With a realistic design, this dildo features a veined texture shaft alongside the pronounced head. 7.9" in total length with a width of 1.7", this dildo is made from PVC to provide as much pleasure as possible.<br /><br />Both the harness and the dildo are fully Vac-U-Lock compatible. This means that either one can be used with any other Vac-U-Lock item. This allows you full versatility with the items you already own. Mix and match for the perfect pleasure to match your mood!

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